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Arizona Big Game Hunting Outfitter

Arizona Big Game Hunting Outfitter

Schulz Outfitters provides professionally guided big game hunts in Arizona. We offer many different types of big game hunts designed to your specific needs. 

At Schulz Outfitters we believe the key to any successful hunt is preparation, intense scouting, a passion for the outdoors, and great respect for the game we pursue.

Big Game Hunts

Big Game Hunts

Arizona offers many opportunities at world class animals with unmatched genetics. Here are the hunts that we offer:

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Custom Hunts

Custom Hunts

Each hunt is treated with individualized attention to give you the best opportunity for a successful hunt.

Fully Outfitted Hunts 

We offer 5 day, 7, 10 and 14 day fully outfitted hunts. This means you will get 5-14 FULL days of hunting. You will arrive to camp the day before your contracted hunt date, and depart the day after. 

  • Fully outfitted hunts include airport pickup and drop off, in field transportation for the duration of your hunt, lodging, meals, beverages (non alcoholic), snacks, in field game care - including pack out, caping, skinning, and quartering of your game.

Wilderness/Horseback Hunts

  • For the folks looking for a more primitive type hunt, we offer either 7  or 10 day, spike camp, wilderness/horseback hunts. We offer these in both rifle, as well as archery seasons. 
  • With these hunts you are going to have the chance to experience the Sonoran desert in a way that most never will. 
  • The day you arrive, we will be using horses to get you, your gear, and your guide 5 - 10 miles into one of the several walk in only, wilderness areas in southwest Arizona. 
  • Once you are packed in to spike camp, the horses will be taken back out, and you and your guide will remain inside the wilderness to hunt on foot for the duration of your hunt. 
  • When you have harvested, or reached the end of your hunt, we will get the horses back in to pack you out. 
  • These hunts are more physically and mentally challenging than anything else we offer. The upside is, you’ll be hunting areas far from any other hunting pressure, deep enough into the desert where the quality of bucks is generally much higher. If you are up for an adventure, this is definitely the hunt for you!

Guided Only Hunts

  • We offer 5, 7, 10 and 14 day guided only hunts. This means you will get 5 - 14 FULL days of hunting. You will arrive the day before your hunt, and depart the day after. 
  • Guided only hunts do not include airport transportation. 
  • Hunter is responsible for their own lodging, meals, beverages, and snacks. 
  • In field transportation and game care is included with our guided only rates. 

***Whether you choose Fully Outfitted or Guided Only, you are responsible for your transportation to and from Phoenix, AZ. You are also responsible for shipping your game meat and trophy, as well as your AZ hunting license and game permit.***

Arizona Hunting Permits

Arizona Hunting Permits

OTC Permits

  • Over the counter permits are available for purchase, online only, beginning at midnight December 1, for the following year. For example, if you are booked with us for an over the counter hunt in 2024, you will need to purchase your tag  on December 1, 2023. Use the following link to purchase your tag when they become available. https://otcarcherydeer.azgfd.gov/
  • THESE TAGS SELL OUT QUICKLY! Don't wait until the last minute!

Draw Permits

  • Many of the permits available in Arizona can only be obtained through the Arizona Game & Fish application and draw process. 
  • For a small fee of $100, we are happy to complete and submit your draw application for the hunt that you're interested in. 
  • If you choose to complete your own application, we are more than willing to help walk you through the process. 
  • For more information regarding Arizona's draw process, please visit the AZ Draw Process link on the home page. 


Preparing For Your Hunt

Preparing For Your Hunt

“What should we expect when we come out west for one of your hunts and how physically demanding will it be?”

This is one of the most asked questions we get from clients and potential clients. Well, here is a bit of information pertaining to that question, as well as a few suggestions of how best to prepare for a western big game hunt with us.

The simple answer is, your hunt will be what YOU make of it. Western hunting whether it be high country hunts, desert hunts, with a rifle, a bow, a muzzleloader, for elk, mule deer, antelope, coues deer, or even javelina, is NOT leisurely stroll in the park.

Mature animals are rarely taken while obliviously feeding 100 yards off of the road. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen occasionally, because it does. However, if you want to have consistent opportunities at a mature animal you’ll need to be prepared to get in deep where smarter, more mature animals often call home.

The key word here is “MATURE”. If coming out west and taking an average or younger class animal suites you, being in top physical condition is not as crucial.

Regardless of what your standards are as far as the type of animal you take while hunting with us, I would still suggest being in at least decent physical condition. You ARE after all taking the time and spending the money, so why not make the most out of it, get yourself prepared, and have a more enjoyable experience!

It’s not that difficult folks, you already have the motivation, so add a bit of discipline and determination and get on it now while you have plenty of time to ease yourself into it.

Pull on the boots you’ll be hunting in, get your pack, add a bit of weight to it (start off light, work up to heavier), if you have nearby hills or small mountains, start climbing!

Personally, I’m lucky enough to have a small mountain nearby, so, at least 5 days a week for 30-40 minutes a day, I’ll throw on my pack, climb 400-500 ft, jog down, then turn around and do it again as many times as my body can take it.

If you don’t have anything with elevation to climb, just start walking. Increase your distance as much and as fast as possible. You’ll be shocked at how fast you’ll be able to cover 4-6 miles per day with a weighted pack.

One more thing... I’ve personally been down that road of hitting the gym and weights like a maniac 6-7 times a week, and though there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of strength training to your routine, trust me, bulky muscles WILL DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HELP YOU when your 8 miles deep with 50-60 + lbs on your back. Your best bet is to eat as healthy as possible and hike. Get your body use to weight on your shoulders, get your ankles, feet, and legs prepared for abuse in unforgiving country. Start out doing it a couple times a week, and work your way into 4-5 times per week.


Hope this helps a few of you out there, see y’all in the field!