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Schulz Outfitters - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Gary Bendix

Fall 2024 - Wickenburg, Az

I hunted Muzzy Deer with Nathan in 2022. I wish I could say WE spotted some nice Mule Deer but I'd be lying. Nate did all the spotting with his Eagle Eyes. I had my chance on the evening of the last day but didn't make it happen. The camp, crew, food and overall experience were top notch. The cots were the best that I have ever slept on. Anyone wanting to hunt Desert Mule Deer could not do better. I'm booked for 2024 and as long as Nate will put up with me. Gary B

Mike Abel

Desert Archery Mule Deer

Kurt, Stacy and the entire crew at Schulz Thank you so much again for the awesome week that I was fortunate enough to spend in camp with all of you! I just wanted to leave a testimonial! November 2019 Mule deer hunt and 2022 OTC Mule deer archery hunt, I cant really express the appropriate gratitude to Kurt, Stacy and the entire crew at Schulz outfitters for the two hunts that Ive done with them now. My first Mule deer hunt with them in November,2019 was an absolute blast. The terrain was beautiful and humbling at the same time! A stark contrast to what we hunt in the Pacific Northwest. I was lucky enough to take the biggest buck of my life on day four of the hunt. Patience and persistence will be your ally in the desert! You can be 100% confident that your guide has the knowledge, experience and drive to help you have a successful hunt. This trip set the desert hook in me for sure! Fast forward to 2022, A buddy of mine that is an avid archery hunter showed an interest in hunting these big wily desert bucks with a bow. Having been a hardcore archery hunter for many years myself, we decided to book two spots with Schulz for the 2022 OTC deer season. We booked back in 2020, and it seemed like forever for our hunt to get here! We made it to camp the day before our hunts started, got settled in and got acquainted with our guides. Unfortunately my buddy had to leave camp after the 3rd day due to a family emergency. Needless to say that he was having a great time having seen trophy bucks and gone on two stalks that didnt pan out. I had an amazing week that Ill never forget. Conditions were tough with warmer than average temperatures and a full moon to contend with, but we still managed to locate mature bucks, and I went on four stalks that ended with no arrows shot. If it was meant to happen, it would have! I was a happy tired hunter returning to camp each night! Lots of hours on the glass punctuated by " I GOT A BUCK"! The adrenaline rush from those words never gets old! Be ready to hunt hard! Having been there twice now, good boots and getting in shape before you go will pay off! You will come back a changed person after hunting with Schulz Outfitters. Great hunts with amazing people. You can book your hunt with confidence! I sure hope to be back again! Thank you to the entire crew, -Mike Abel

Logan Louviere

Logan Louviere

Fall 2020 - Buckeye,AZ

First off I wanna say thank you to Schulz Outfitters for doing their part and getting everything setup for my trip. They took care of me from the application process to getting my deer meat back home. Schulz Outfitters will make your dreams become a reality. Their hospitality was amazing! Thank you Kurt Schulz and my guide Logan Daoust for fulfilling my dream of harvesting a mature Arizona Mule Deer!

Dean Anderson

Dean Anderson

Jan 2020 OTC Desert Bow Hunt - Buckeye, AZ

Kurt and Stacy provided a great camp and our guide Brady worked his tail off. Didn't connect on a desert muley this time, but Schulz Outfitters did all they could to ensure our success. But to me, a great hunt is a success, tagging an animal is just icing on the cake! Thank you Schulz Outfitters!

Bryce Jackson

Bryce Jackson

I've hunted deer with Schulz Outfitters twice now with my 3rd deer hunt and as long as I draw, 1st elk hunt already booked for this and next year. I've never been with any other guide service but I come back not just because of the hunting but the whole atmosphere. The food is great, the camp is nice, and the stories and camaraderie is awesome. Theres tons of game to see and just because you have a guide doesnt mean it's easy to harvest, but they'll do their best to make it happen.

Mike Borger

Mike Borger

Fall 2020 - Great Falls, MT

I can’t say enough about these guys. They run a first class operation. Kurt, Stacy and Nate work very hard to provide the best experience that they possibly can. The rest of their team was no different. The guides all were super friendly and concerned how the hunt was going for everyone not just their client. I was lucky enough to hunt with one of the finest young men I have ever had the privilege to meet. Logan and I hit it off from the beginning and just had a great five days of hunting together. From the time we arrived it was easy to see how much pride the Schulz Outfitters team takes in your hunt and experience! The desert is an amazing place and I will be back with these guys!

Jerry Lanier

January 2020 - Arizona

This was my first trip hunting desert mule deer. From the minute we met Logan at the airport, I felt like this team was dedicated to making sure we had every opportunity to connect with a desert muley. My guide Brady was considerate, accommodating and knowledgeable. Brady has to be one of the hardest working guides in the industry! The camp was comfortable, food was great and Kurt, Stacy and team made sure we were well fed and happy. I highly recommend Schulz for any western big game hunt

Blake Maynard

Blake Maynard

January 2020 - Kalispell, MT

This was my first guided hunting trip that I had ever been on, so I did not have any pre determined expectation. My experience was amazing, clean comfortable tents and cots, delicious hot meals, experienced guides and the Entertainment Director did a great job keeping us engaged with all of his hunting/life stories. I can't say enough nice things about Kurt and Stacy they will absolutely make you feel right at home. The Family atmosphere at camp is great. My guide Matt was very knowledgeable about the area and the species (Mule Deer) that we were chasing with several opportunities. He took the time to educate me on the technique of desert hunting and was very encouraging. Although I did not punch my tag I felt that the trip was a great success, I would definitely book another trip with Schulz Outfitters.

Brett Jolly

Brett Jolly

Fall 2019 - Mosinee, WI

My wife and I had an amazing trip with Shulz Outfitters this past fall! I harvested a great desert mule deer! We were treated like family the whole time we were there, excellent food, clean comfortable tents and cots, knowledgable guides and great weather! We will definitely be coming back!

John Williams

Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Opportunity- a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.


I want to share with you a story of my experience with SCHULZ OUTFITTERS, and the opportunity I, myself, didn’t capitalize on.


I have hunted with Schulz Outfitters the past two years, and if you want a Real, Fair chase, Public land hunt, this is the outfitter. Arizona Holds world class trophy animals, Iv seen them with my own eyes. Past two years I’ve done the early archery Mule deer hunt, both years I’ve seen Multiple P&Y mules, Monster Elk, Pronghorn, etc. The Game is there and Schulz Outfitters knows where they are. This year I had the Opportunity of a lifetime, and it ended up slipping away.


Due to the higher than average temperatures, we changed up the game plan and decided to hunt some watering holes that have been very active. Multiple Big Deer hitting them. On my first morning sit at about 7:40 am after their morning feed, I had 2 bucks come in to the water together. Both P&Y deer, but one was a STUD of a deer! “This is my dream” I thought to myself, this is my opportunity! I ranged the Big boy and let one fly, SMACK! But as the deer turned to run I could see the arrow didn’t penetrate very deep, I ended up hitting him in the Shoulder. We waited 30 minutes them went to look for blood where he was standing, didn’t find any. So we backed out and called in Kurt and Dave. They showed up within the next 30 min. We ended up tracking the deer for 13 hours (9 hrs the same day and next morning), over 2.5 miles up, down, and back up the mountain, ended up never finding the buck. When the trial would go dry, we would follow hoof prints, I swear these guys are part Indian, only losing the trial for a few feet/ yards then we would pick up some more blood. We ended up coming to a clearing where we couldn’t follow hoof prints anymore and the blood trail had seemed to stop. We worked a grid for Hours in 95*+ heat. But the Determination of Nate, Kurt, and Dave to find my buck was unbelievable. But in the end it was devastating for me, my second lost animal of my life. But deep down I knew I let that opportunity slip away. Countless thoughts, what went wrong, did the broadhead not deploy, did the bone cause the arrow to deflect up or down instead of entering the chest cavity, was the shot worse than it looked going away. Constant reenactments, Causing sleepless nights still today.


This is western hunting at its best! The Schulz Team puts in countless hours of leg work, glass time scouting, doing things most hunters only rely on game cameras to do! They know where the deer are, they get you in front of the deer, but it’s up to you to make it happen. They can’t take the shot for you. If your planning on going on a hunt out west, please consider Schulz Outfitters. You will have opportunities, you will get your chance, but the outcome is unpredictable. That’s why it’s called hunting and not killing. That’s why we do it every year, to challenge ourselves, to push our mind and body. There is more to hunting then coming home with a trophy of a lifetime every time you hit the woods. If that’s all you care about, you’re living life wrong!


This is my story from last week, yes it wasn’t ideal, no I didn’t find my deer, but all Hunter can ask for is another opportunity, one more chance! I’m sure I will get mine next season with Schulz Outfitters team! Damn right I’m going back!


John Williams

Bryan Townsend

The folks at Schulz Outfitters are really top notch!! Kurt is such a good guy. He has worked with me a couple times on make hunts happen for me and my oldest son. All the guys that guide for him are some of the best guys you can ever hope to meet and really know their stuff. Brian Fisher is a really good guy, had the pleasure of him guiding us last November on a mule deer hunt. Got us on several nice bucks. Hope to get a chance again to hunt with Brian. Donnie made camp fun and he is great, haven’t had the privilege of him guiding us but he is really knowledgeable. Kurt has a wonderful way of making camp feel like home and his son Nate is a great guy, and a hell of a spotter, haven’t really had the chance for him to guide us yet. But you feel like family when your in Kurt’s camp, always feel welcomed and all the guys are stand up guys. Not just the guides but the other hunters were great too. Had the pleasure to hunt with Schulz Outfitters 2 times so far and can’t wait to get out there with them again. Highly recommended them. Great group of guys and am lucky to call them friends.

Kc Seamons

After the nerves of going on my first solo adventure I was quickly relieved when I got to camp and met these amazing guides and settled into the great accommodations provided by Schulz Outfitters.

These guys know these desert mulies and exactly how to hunt them, their ability to glass and spot wildlife at incredible distances was impressive to me and immediately showed the knowledge and determination these guys possess.

I really felt as though my guide Nate was as interested in getting me on a nice buck as I was.

What an adventure with great people that I now consider friends. 

Great food, great company, and the full desert hunting experience. 

I highly recommend Schulz Outfitters to anyone looking for an excellent hunt! 

I knew before I left that I would be returning to hunt with these guys and can’t wait to chase big bull elk with them. 

See you guys on the next hunt. Thanks for everything!

Mark Dillon

Mark Dillon

Top notch outfitter. They will help you have an amazing hunt while you gain a lifetime of memories from your hunt. I cannot say enough positive about our experience with Kurt & Nate. Bonus... they are great with kids too!

Brent Wetsel

My friends and I booked our first ever desert mule deer hunt in Arizona. My buddy called up Schulz and shortly after called me to give me the exciting news. These guys blew away my expectations. Every meal was outstanding, we were on bucks everyday. The owner, the guides and the friends are memories for a lifetime. I highly highly recommend anyone looking to book a hunt call these guys. You won't be disappointed!

James Hinton

James Hinton

Just got back from my desert mule deer hunt with Schulz and can say we need more stars for this review. These guys know the desert and how to get you in on these Mulies, a lot of very nice ones at that. Just check out the pics to verify for yourself. My guide Brady went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and was very patient with me, at times I would need breaks as I am currently fighting colon cancer and would get sick out on hunts. I even wound up in the ER due to personal reasons for a couple days and Schulz Outfitters let me make up the days! Totally awesome as they surely didn't have to do this! The food was amazing, which was awesome as it is difficult for me to eat sometimes. Outfitters tents were super nice and was able to keep mine very warm which was great for me! I wound up harvesting for me the buck of a lifetime, an old warrior estimated around 10 years old! If you are looking for a great desert mule deer hunt with a bunch of top notch people then hit up Schulz Outfitters, Kurt Schulz and his son Nate will make sure you are taken care of. Also all the guides were super knowledgeable and worked across the board as a team, which I think worked great!! Sorry for such a long review, I hope someone will find this helpful when deciding on there hunt, God Bless!

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